Shipman Cinematics is where creativity comes to life.  Our composite artwork is a cornerstone of our business because of its broad applications in commercial art, family portraits, senior pictures, and more.  If you have an awesome idea for a photo but you’re worried that it’s too complicated to capture in real life, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether you want artwork that’s intentionally surreal, or a photorealistic image that looks like it came out of the camera that way, we can do anything you need to produce exactly what you want.  Need an absent coworker added to the team photo?  We’ve got you covered.  Want your senior pictures to be on Mars?  Well, we can’t actually shoot on Mars, but we can definitely make it look like we did.  In every step of production, from camera and green screen to meticulously constructed digital composite, we do everything with your end goal in mind.  Check out the Shipman Cinematics gallery to see examples of us bringing our clients’ ideas to life!

a boy in a movie theater composite senior portrait
Female pirate captain on her ship
Composite image of wolverine fan art photo
Wonder Woman fan art composite photograph
Batman on a motorcycle composite photograph fan art
Ichabod and horseman in the dark woods. composite art
Young woman lying on steps beside a reflecting pool
winged fairy in the woods senior portrait composite image