Senior Portrait Special for Bixby Football 2021

Entering our TENTH (10th!) year of branding partnership with Spartan athletics, we are excited to roll out our Senior Portrait Special for Bixby Football, class of 2021!    Coming off another state championship win, the world has turned into a real struggle for all of us.    Our 2020 seniors really had an unfortunate end to their year, and it’s our hope and prayer that normalcy returns without interruption for the class of 2021.  

Over the years, our senior portrait speciality is clearly “guys who are athletes.”    And that has shaped our senior picture business, not only in Bixby but beyond the Tulsa metro area.  We are in fact, not just your local Spartan photographer.  We are a nationally known, award winning studio with clients from all over the country who travel in from out of state for our unique style and scope of services.

However – we consider Bixby Football to be our cornerstone client base for senior portraits, and as such we offer a bit extra to all of our Spartan clients.    I’m a Bixby alum, and have had 3 kids go through this school, with the last one being a Bixby senior this year too!

Here is a link to our Senior Portrait services page which will tell you a bit more about our highly customized and client focused process.

Senior Portrait Services Page

Our senior sessions typically include a combination of Studio, Stadium and on location (usually but not always Downtown Tulsa) all at no additional fee. 

Downtown Senior Pictures

Below are the details of our 2021 senior special for Bixby football players.

Bixby Spartan Football Senior Portrait Promotion – Class of 2021 Our standard Shipman Photography LLC senior portrait services include:

  • Free consultation, in studio or via phone.
  • Custom shooting plan – tailored to fit your student’s interests, personality and schedule.
  • Sessions can cover multiple dates & locations at no additional charge.
  • Multiple custom package options starting at $500
  • Personalized in-studio gallery review, where we review edited samples and 100+ proofs.
  • You are not required to select your images at the gallery review. No pressure!
  • You receive custom premium print order products at NO CHARGE when paying for your package or making a payment on your package at your gallery review. (canvasses, photobooks, portrait albums, additional edited files etc. – for example)
  • When you make your selections for your portrait order package, we do a full magazine coverquality retouch on each individual image – no matter how simple or complex.
  • Each and every image in your order package is satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Each edited image from your package order is made available (along with a full zero-restriction print release) for a full sized, high res, digital download directly from your onlineorder gallery.
  • Your order gallery is also set up so that you can order unlimited prints of any size through ourprofessional online print vendor – at our wholesale cost with no mark-up. For example… an8x10 print is currently $2.29 each.
  • dad jokes – terrible, terrible jokes but they WORK and they are provided at no charge.  
  • Additionally, our Bixby Spartan Football 2021 senior portrait clients will receive:
    1. Professional sideline & live action game photographs of your senior. I shoot the majority of home Bixby games and travel to those that I can get away for. As part of our give-back program with Bixby athletics, we make our game photos available to the coaches and athletic department at no charge. While covering Bixby games, I absolutely make sure I am also shooting lots of content of my senior portrait clients. Our clients receive the digitals of their senior from these games at no charge, and can order prints wholesale with no markup.
    2. Action photos from Night of Champions of your senior. Again – I cover this for coach Montgomery and in doing so, I also make sure to keep an eye out for my senior portrait clients. Our senior clients receive access to all their digital images from this event.
    3. Digital files from picture days, team photos, gold ball sessions, senior night and any other digital files I have shot of your senior throughout their Bixby Spartan career.
    4. A custom 20 page football book commemorating either their senior season or their entire career – featuring your favorite images from their games, activities and sessions.
    5. If your senior has championship rings, we offer a free ring session to our Bixby football clients, with up to 3 selections from this session being added at no charge to your portrait package.
    6. Free Club 225 poster 16×24
    7. Free digital file of individual senior banner image with print release.

Studio Sessions

To fully qualify for all of the above bonus material, clients need to book with us prior to the 2019 Night of Champions. Their sessions don’t need to be completed before then, they simply need to be scheduled so I know who to look for.

Your senior will have a better time than he thinks he will! I always tell my guys their senior portraits are not for their 18 year old selves. They are for their moms and their future selves – because their senior portraits are going to be on their parents’ walls, coffee tables and book cases for the next 50 years or so. So they might as well be awesome instead of good enough.

We get to know our clients and joke around with them during the session. We keep it fun and light and we never ever put them in goofy or awkward poses that they’ll hate. The goal is always to make them look cool and create genuine reaction smiles to go along with some serious Zoolander Blue Steel stuff.

Parks, Lakes, Family Property etc.

Good luck this year to you and your players! It is our hope and prayer that this season, we not only have continued success, but also that our players experience good health, earn new athletic opportunities and learn life lessons that only competition and playing your heart out for your coaches and teammates can provide.

One last thing…     We would be remiss if we did not mention the fact that we do pay attention to safety measures when it comes to being Covid safe.    When shooting or meeting in studio, we observe all reasonable social distancing and sanitation precautions, including masks if a client so requests.     Here is a funny “re-opening” video we made on that very topic recently.   (Seriously, it’s hilarious and worth a watch!)

Shipman Studio Re-Opening video, featuring Ollie the wonder dog.

Stadium & locker room sessions