business man in a downtown portrait
Smiling senior portrait of a boy in downtown Tulsa looking cool
urban portrait of a young man in a suit
portrait of a young woman in a hat, downtown

There are a lot of options for Tulsa headshot photography.   What’s best for you or your organization?


First, even before you look up photographers, consider your brand.   A personal brand for a professional, or a corporate brand for an organization is an essential factor in creating unique, trust building professional portraits and in so doing, capturing the attention of your target demographic.


Next, consider the purpose of your headshot.  Is it designed to convey warmth?  Trust?  Perhaps, wisdom and experience?  Should it be fun and unconventional?  The answers to these questions all depend on the nature of your endeavor.  What’s right for a tough as nails trial attorney isn’t going to be right for a family practitioner, for example. And a professional musician is going to need something different all together.


Next come questions of wardrobe, location and style.    What you wear directly conveys your brand and it’s important to consider.    Should the shoot take place in a studio environment or should it be on location downtown, or some other location that says something about your mission?


In fact, the question of whether you need headshots, lifestyle portraits or editorial candid style photography is something to consider.     Are your headshots for a magazine ad, billboard layout or visual content for your website?   You may want a more dynamic and nuanced plan than a simple traditional headshot.   Then again… you simply need the shot for the top of a bio page and your business card, and in that case, simple and traditional studio work may be the way to go.


As you can see, the scope of even something as relatively simple as headshots can take on unexpected complexity pretty quickly, and that is where the right choice for who to actually shoot your headshot photography comes in.   There are a lot of photographers in the Tulsa area from which to choose, but only Shipman Photography offer such a diverse range of photographic services for Tulsa  professionals.


For us, it starts with a free consultation either in person or over the phone.  We ask the right questions about you and your business and can offer suggestions for wardrobe, locations, photographic styles and settings.     Ultimately it is our goal to not only (literally) show you in your best light, but to get the attention of who you want to notice.


In addition to helping you plan the details of your shoot, we separate ourselves from other studios by offering a variety of digital and editing services.


Our magazine photography-quality retouching and photo editing can range from subtle to significant upon request and is satisfaction always guaranteed.

Our photorealistic digital backgrounds are an option to go along with traditional studio backdrops and physical locations.    We can seamlessly put you into a realistic digital environment or drop a beautiful abstract digital background in behind you to match your corporate branding.


This digital composite photography aspect also gives us another solution that often accompanies the professional headshot and that is the question of how to do the team shot?   Any turnover can quickly make a traditional team photo obsolete.  We solve that issue by shooting our corporate team photos individually, compositing the team members into the scene, adding new members as they arrive and removing previous members who depart with ease, keeping your team portraits updated and fresh.


Be sure to check out our commercial photography page HERE for a full description of our range of professional visual content services for your organization.