Spring senior portrait special for athletes

We are excited to roll out our spring senior portrait special for athletes.   This is a direct invitation based promotion that is available through the end of the 2021 school year for senior athletes whom we have worked with through our sports photography company Scoreboard Productions LLC on picture day or senior banner projects.    If you are receiving this directly, it’s because we want to thank you and reward you for having already done business with us through your athletic program.

You can read more about our highly customized and unique senior portrait process here, and see a more comprehensive portfolio gallery of our senior portrait work here.  We highly recommend you visit both links because they will answer a lot of questions you may have.

Briefly,   Shipman Photography is an award winning senior portrait studio from Tulsa that specializes in athletes.   The majority of our senior portrait clients are athletes, and that’s become our niche over the last 12 years.    We are also a well known commercial photography company who has worked with NFL players, entertainment industry professionals,  Fortune 500 companies and more – with magazine covers, billboards, album covers etc. to show for our work.    We bring this same level of lifestyle photography and personal branding to the senior projects we work with.  We are not a volume senior portrait company, we book 40 to 50 kids a year, and typically they are clients who come to us specifically because of the work we do for athletes.    Since our subsidiary company (scoreboard productions) works with senior student athletes in the shooting and production of banners and team posters, we felt it would be a helpful costumer service effort to let those students and families know about our senior portrait services, because frankly – it’s a perfect fit.  We are not the cheapest option and do not compete on being “cheap.”   For the quality, customization, uniqueness and level of service we provide however, we deliver the highest value in the market.

We fully realize that by now (February at the time of this posting), you may have already concluded senior portrait sessions as early as last spring, but we also realize a sizable number of students still need good senior pics later in the school year.   For clients who don’t need a full senior session but do want a sports-focused mini session in our studio or at your home field/court, we offer those as well.

First, let’s take a look at some athlete specific samples.


Ladies:  (FYI- we partner with a professional hair and makeup artist who is available for senior clients.  If interested, inquire for details and availability)

Our spring senior special for athletes has two options, Full session or Mini session.  Below are the details for both:

A.  Full session $150 (plus custom portrait packages starting at $500, with most popular package being $950).
In addition to the full senior portrait process laid out in the link above, as a part of our spring senior portrait special for athletes, we are offering the following.

1.  Two sessions for the price of one ($150).     Typically, our session fee covers 90 minutes of shooting which is typically one evening.    We are offering two sessions at no additional charge.  So it could be split up for example this way:  downtown Tulsa and our studio one evening, your home town stadium or other location (park, family property, etc.) another evening.    No limit on clothing changes.  No charge for additional local locations during your sessions.

2.  Free 8×8 leather-bound photo book or 16×20 canvas with any package you purchase.

3.  Two bonus images to any package you select at no additional charge.  So if a package has 12 images (our most popular one) you get 14.

If interested – please contact us for package pricing and we will send it to you directly and arrange an in person or phone consultation.

Mini Session $450 (all inclusive)
Again, this is specifically targeted towards clients who’ve already worked with a photographer on a portrait package but want something more sport-focused as well without committing to a full session.   It can also be a stand alone all inclusive package however.

Includes:  30 minute session (approx), one location (our studio, or another local location), 4 fully retouched and edited digital masters.