Senior Pictures for Guys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Senior Pictures for Guys, the Evolution of the Experience

Shipman Photography is about more than senior pictures for guys, a lot more in fact.   Our senior portrait clients cross every gender, ethnic and economic demographic.   Having said that, we have earned the trust of young men in the Tulsa senior photography market over the years with portraiture that (for lack of a better phrase), makes them look cool.


More accurate perhaps to say, we tell their story visually, honestly, authentically but present them in a way they can trust will be perceived as cool by the viewer – however our clients define cool.

senior portrait guy tulsa
For some that means a GQ pose in their suit downtown.

There really are no limits on how many ways we can shoot cool senior pictures for guys, but defining what is cool for each client starts with a consultation and interview, where we get to know the student and understand their interests.

senior boy bixby
It may mean a studio composite in their band uniform

This helps us determine locations, themes, wardrobe, lighting and perhaps most importantly – how to work with each young man’s unique personality.     We take the time to assess what we are shooting for – is the focus on wall art from a specific shoot list? Is it on creating a killer photo-book full of variety? An homage to their high school passions (sports, drama, band, etc.)? Something simple? Something complex?   These are all things we determine before we shoot and as a result, we shoot a higher percentage of senior pictures for guys, than most photographers in the Tulsa market.

senior portrait guy guitar
For others, that means a cowboy hat and a guitar.

As we close out the 2018 senior class, and begin planning for the 2019 seniors, our quality of product and service will continue to evolve and grow. New for 2019 will be a dedicated “senior portrait experience” which will have a version dedicated to our female clients, and one directed towards delivering the best “senior pictures for guys” experience in the Tulsa Oklahoma market.

composite senior picture boy Tulsa
It may mean a studio composite in their band uniform or an award winning studio composite image of 12 versions of themselves in a movie theater.

It may seem obvious, but you don’t shoot guys the same way you shoot girls. You don’t pose them the same way and you don’t plan the shoots the same way. The experience should be different from beginning to end, without sacrificing creativity or quality.

Guys don’t always look forward to the senior experience in the same way girls might.    We take that into consideration and win them over, with our clients typically admitting they actually had a good time, dad jokes and all!

Senior picture boy Tulsa football player
Or it may be a reflective locker room pose, recalling their high school athletic career as it comes to an end