Youth Team Pictures, Banners & Posters options.

Sports Team Image Options for 2018

Picture Day options


(A) Standard picture day:  See order form – available upon request.   Shot on location, traditional portrait and team photo.   This is our basic pricing option.  Best for league picture day projects where we are shooting multiple teams on a single day.

Below is a sample of a basic picture day set up with player portrait and traditional team photo.

(B) Green Screen (Banner Style): Add $300 design fee*

  • Green screen portrait goes onto branded digital background.
  • Individually shot action shots for group digital “scene”


Individual shots used for group scene are placed side to side, from knees up.


These individual shots for the group scene are also available as individual player posters.


Finished team art is a long horizontal scene (2:1 ratio or narrower), ideal for banners, social media cover photos etc.


Shot in-studio, unless working with league for an on location-picture day schedule.


A la carte team photos are available in 2:1 ratio sizes (10×20, 12×24) only.


Unsurpassed quality.

Sponsored Banner
Individual Portrait from "group shot" pose
Memory Mate featuring player portrait and team photo as composites

(C) Studio Experience (Poster Style): Design Fees vary based on the scope of the project*

  • Green screen portrait goes onto branded digital background.
  • Individually shot action shots for group digital “scene”


Similar to banner, but players are shot full length in a cinematic scene that integrates all players into a themed “senior poster” style, fully blended piece of composite art, including shadows, color blending, etc.   High level of photoshop production involved, and a longer post-production process required.


This is ideal for themed concepts and vertical or horizontal posters and large prints.   Can also be integrated into banner designs.

Depending on the design, players in these scenes may be used in individual portrait scenes, or not.   Discuss beforehand.

Cinematic scene senior poster
Basketball Team Poster/Program cover.
Golf Cart scene for a senior poster
Tennis Banner
soccer team senior poster
Senior football player Bixby OK
This was Tofu's individual panel from this year's Bixby Football senior poster.
Individual basketball player from an action shot for a team composite.
Individual basketball banner from a group composite shoot.

Player Fatheads

See Order form for pricing, these 24 inch foam core backed high res cutouts are the perfect accessory for the excited parent in the stands during a game!

These are specifically shot for this use and must be pre-ordered.