5 Tips for Fun Senior Pictures Without the Stress

We get it.  With tests, graduation, and college applications coming up, senior pictures might not be the first thing on your mind.  But they’re an important part of your high school experience, so follow our 5 tips to make them more meaningful and stress free than you ever thought possible.


1. Take them seriously

Senior portrait of a girl at a downtown Tulsa mural in the blue dome district

If you’re like most high school students, you’re probably rolling your eyes at the idea of having pictures taken of you, but that’s no reason to skimp out and do them halfway.  Family and friends are going to see these pictures for the rest of your life. Grandma is going to unwrap them at Christmas, the cousins that you only see once a year will get them in the mail, and you know that your mom is going to show them to everyone at the office.  They’re going to go all over the place, so make them something you’re proud of!

2. Incorporate your passion

composite senior portrait of Tulsa baseball player

Senior pictures don’t have to be boring.  Are you a student athlete? Musician? President of the debate club? #1 fan of a TV series? Any of these things can be incorporated into your portraits.  It doesn’t matter how off the wall you think it is.  If you have a passion, let it show!  The more unique your pictures are, the more you’ll enjoy having them done, and the more you’ll want to look back on them later.  Let them represent who you are!

3. Choose the right photographer

Photographer Tulsa

Having someone take pictures of you for an extended period of time can feel a little awkward if you’re not completely comfortable with the photographer.  You may be tempted to just suck it up and deal with it, but keep in mind, the photographer’s job is to create art that represents you.  How can they do that if they don’t make you feel comfortable to show them who you are?  That’s why it’s so important to choose a photographer that meshes well with you.  They need to be able to make your personality shine through in your pictures!

4. Don’t wait until the last minute.

composite photo of a senior portrait girl in a fancy ballroom setting.

We’ve all been there.  You wake up and realize that graduation is nearly here, but you still have a million things to do (and 6 more tests to take) beforehand.  You go into panic mode trying to get everything ready, but you keep getting more and more frustrated.  The place where you get your hair cut is booked until after graduation, and there’s no way you can get your senior pictures done in time to submit them for the senior slideshow.

Yeah… we’re guessing you probably want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you this year.  So don’t wait until the last minute, and book your senior portraits early!  We can’t promise that you’ll be able to get in for that haircut… but at least your hair will be on point in your photos.

5. Share with your friends

You put in the work, now it’s time for the reward!  Now that you have awesome pictures, show them off to everyone you know!

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