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I’m not a wedding photographer

Wait…. what?

Well,   yes actually I am a professional photographer who sometimes shoots weddings.   But I am not the every Saturday wedding photographer guy.   I’m a commercial photographer who approaches personal photography projects (weddings, bridal, seniors, families) etc the same way I approach a project for an advertising agency client.   All in.  It’s a highly personalized custom project, not my every weekend job.   

well what even is a wedding photographer then??

Now I admit, at first that doesn’t seem like a great opening hook for a wedding client, but I’m going to argue that it is.    See, I’ve shot dozens of weddings.   I’ve directed videography and multi shooter weddings for my own two daughters  (which I was not allowed to shoot because I was doing the father of the bride thing).  

So, while I am a very experienced, highly skilled professional with a huge wedding photography portfolio, I’m not looking for weddings to book.   I talk to people who approach us about shooting their wedding and if it’s a good fit for them and for me, I take it on as a very personalized production project.   I want to be able to approach every wedding as its own unique story to tell, and that’s hard to do if you overbook them.     This way, we avoid the burnout and creative ruts that often go along with specializing in a photography discipline as physically and mentally demanding as being a “wedding photographer.”  Now having said all that, we love to shoot weddings.  

well that sounds like a wedding photographer to me

I guess so?   For us, shooting a wedding  always winds up being a lot of fun, and in limiting the number of weddings I book, I’m able to share in the enthusiasm and passion of the moment along with the guests and families.     Shooting a wedding is equal parts portrait photography, event photography, editorial photography and most importantly, sports photography.    Fortunately all things we do, so as it turns out, we are actually really good at shooting wedding stuff (photography AND video).   Does that make me a wedding photographer after all?   If you think so, the contact information is below  We would love to hear from you!

Not an actual wedding photo.   This is from a studio session, but it sure would look cool on an invitation huh?

If after viewing our work above, you think to yourself… heck yeah this guy is in fact a wedding photographer, well then…

We Want To Be Your Wedding Photographer!

Weddings are love stories.   And let me tell you, here at Shipman Photography, we know a thing or two about love stories.  In fact, we are living one of our own.   My wife Jen and I really are the kind of couple most people on facebook claim to be.  We found true love, and we live it every single day of our lives.   To us, it is so exciting to see someone else discover that kind of connection and begin their own story.     Jen is an amazing photographer herself, and in our commercial photography day job world, she is also an office manager and shoot producer.   She’s our secret weapon here at Shipman Photography, and is an incredible asset to have on your wedding day.

We at Shipman Photography might not claim to be wedding photographers, but we are definitely suckers for a good love story.   And man do we love telling stories through photos and video.

Years from now, your children will look at your wedding images and video as their personal origin story, and will consider these things to be family heirlooms to pass on to their own children.    That’s the long view and personal responsibility we take when we take on a new wedding client… which… I guess technically makes me a wedding photographer after all?

Take a look at our Wedding Services page for more information on our services and packages – including our “day of” wedding planner service where you can book the amazing Jennifer Shipman for your own big day,  and if you have questions, need quotes or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact us today!  



We’ve been wedding clients too!  The bride in the middle and the girl on my right both got married the same summer!  Not sure that should even be legal.


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