Next level cinematic video production


Twenty years into the 21st century, it’s evident that next level visual content is critical to your organization’s branding success.   Obviously part of that involves a targeted campaign revolving around professional commercial photography and digital art, but more and more it also means that you need your brand and your mission statement to transcend still images and draw people into a story told through cinematic video production.


Your story.


Combining the right video production with the right editing, acting talent, voice over narration and musical score can absolutely set a precise emotional hook, drawing in the viewer in a way that both informs and entertains, while establishing your organization as the solution to their needs.


Shipman Photography now offers a fully in-house cinematic video production service.   That means from concept, to storyboard, to booking locations and talent, to professional video capture, to precision editing and original music scores – written, performed and recorded in our Tulsa, Oklahoma studio – we can deliver a video experience to you that dials in your message and delivers it, on point and in tune with your client’s needs.


We can build scalable teams to any project – from a simple documentary style interview, to a movie quality action scene.   And we can field a team that can include multiple shooters, lighting technicians, producers, directors, talent, talent wranglers, hair and makeup artists and digital technicians as needed, with one call.


Our gear includes multiple professional grade 4k video cameras with a full assortment of lenses and extreme low light and slow motion capabilities.   Cranes, drones, gimbals and slider tracks all allow our video artists a full playbook of scene capturing possibilities for your project.


Paired with our commercial photography services, Shipman Photography’s video production can get your message to the next level and beyond.    Contact us today for a free consultation and see what we can do for you!